Professional Web Development
from planning to live

Many years of expert knowledge paired
with the latest technology creates safety
for you. We act professional, from the first
 briefing to live operation.

THIS is how we do it

Planning Phase

We first help you to define your requirements for the project from your own point of view. Technology does not yet play the primary role here. It’s more about the functionality itself.

We then create a technical document from your requirements. This document will be the basis of the development and at the same time the TODO list.

Development Phase

Now we select the ideal technology stack for your project and start implementing the requirements document. You can follow the development at any time on a secure URL.

The quality of the code is constantly monitored automatically.
Due to the flexible project planning by Kanban boards, you can contribute ideas at any time while we develop your application.

Test & Productive Phase

The test version of an app is automatically filled with test data. This allows
you to test the application under real world conditions with any amount of data to determine whether it meets the requirements.

The app goes live and is constantly monitored for error messages, so the developers can react before a user complains. Thanks to top development systems, the deployment of a patch is completed in seconds at any time.

More about technology


We work with the popular frameworks Laravel and VueJS. Ultrasafe data backend with a real-time frontend. Apps that feel more like a native app than a website. Because speed is one of the most important criteria.


For data storage we use MySQL. If your app needs a faster cache (e.g. for a real-time search), we use Redis, a NoSQL database that offers a much faster data access, but (in contrast to MySQL) no relations.


We use Laravel Forge with AWS Elastic Cloud Servers to ensure that deployment is fast and clean, and that the app runs with high performance and scalability. So that your app can withstand any storm.


We use Sentry to monitor the application for errors during live operation. Here we can proactively react to errors to avoid user frustration from the start. During development we use SonarCloud to ensure maximum code quality.



We set up the app in the primary language, and the missing languages are translated automatically. You can change translations later at any time.

DeepL ist the most powerful translation engine on the market.

Use WordPress
for static pages
within the app

Information pages within the app do not have to be laboriously programmed, but are created in a WordPress instance on a subdomain with a WYSIWYG system and seamlessly integrated into the app.

So what's next ?

Get in Touch with us and we talk about your project