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Data is the major source of success.

Web Analysis

We determine your target audience and in which channels they can be reached. This gives us an initial idea of which tool chain and which marketing instruments are best suited for your brand.

We identify keywords that have the ideal ratio between competition, costs and impact. By using special metrics, we evaluate the set and get the ideal subset of keywords, that are most the promising ones.

SEO Optimization

So that Google can better recognize the content of the pages and assign them to the right target group, and so that the effect of your page does not get lost, we optimize the meta tags of your website as part of 

Links to your site are considered by Google to be a recommendation within the context of the ranking of your site in the search results. As part of link building, we create natural link profiles that help your site to get a better Google Ranking and to climb up to the top.

Google Ads SEA

Your brand can enter the top positions of the search results with paid ads in the shortest possible time. We take care of the ideal ads, the perfect keywords and the best cost-benefit ratio. Our extensive experience pays off for you here.
The efficiency of a campaign benefits extremely from the selection of keywords. This makes web analysis for Google Ads a necessity to avoid using the wrong terms and losing money.


See which
on your site

Through IP backtracking, we recognize which company was surfing on your site. Contact them and offer your services. This opens up completely new marketing opportunities.

See all search
Google Analytics

For a large amount of search queries, Google Analytics shows the result „search keyword not provided“. We have a technique, that reveals all that search queries and show them to you.

and many more…

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