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We understand your requirements

You benefit from our experience and technical expertise. Because there is no substitute for experience.
Authenticity too.

what we offer

At Ubernet, you get modern web platforms, video streaming apps, exceptional web design and powerful online marketing from a single source.



In the development of online platforms different techniques are used. What we finally use for programming or video streaming depends on the individual can fully rely on our experience here, so you can be sure for a long time.


By using Elementor Pro and our own extensions, there are almost no limits to the CMS possibilities of WordPress. We develop pixel-perfect web designs.


Due to the close integration between online marketing and programming, you receive a powerful product from us. Extensive tracking provides you with important market signals.

We realsize
great projects for
great customers.


6 good reasons why you should choose UBERNET

1. our experience
At Ubernet you get service from more than 30 years of IT experience. We therefore read program code like others read a detective story. Since the Internet gained popularity around the turn of the millennium, we were and are on board – every day

2. you talk directly to the development
You have direct contact with the expert, not just the project manager who only knows projects from a bird’s eye view. This makes the difference. You benefit from direct feedback on feasibility, alternatives, technical background and much more

3. business knowledge
One of our great strengths is to understand complex processes and business procedures and to be able to implement them technically. This requires experience and foresight. While you talk about your business case, we break it down into technical tasks and cast it into a programming solution. Short paths help you reach your goal faster.

4. agile
From a certain project size on, we work classically with requirements and specifications (specifications) to minimize the risk for both sides and to create predictability. On the other hand, our planning with Kanban boards, sprints and bug tracking allows us to react to your wishes at any time and to dynamically incorporate ideas into the development. This way, your app or website gets dynamic additional functionality apart from the planned development.

5. closely interlocked structures
Since we consider web applications, web design and online marketing as 3 pillars on the same level and cover them completely, it is the short communication channels that ensure that everything meshes optimally and brings the greatest benefit to you as a customer.

6. fair prices and cost control
The costs of the development are completely transparent for you thanks to the specifications and requirements. So you can safely calculate with your existing budget and experience no negative surprises. Honesty and transparency are very important to us.